Internal Quality Assurance cell

Internal quality assurance cell is for implementing quality policies of the institution. as per University, ISO and NBA requirements. The fundamental aim is to achieve the vision and mission of the department and the institution as a whole. The cell shall conduct academic audits at frequent intervals to ensure execution and adherence of academic activities within the time frame, as per the published schedule..The audits are for making improvements in the standards of the educational services at ASIET. The cell shall publish audit schedule and audit parameters well in advance. Each and every staff shall make all the documents available for audit. The audit report shall be submitted to the principal, concerned HODs. Remedial actions, if any, should be taken by the concerned staff in consultation with HOD and close the audit observation. without any delay. All parameters as per NBA and University regulations and ISO requirements shall be main criteria for the audits

IQAC Members

Dr Neelakantan P.C., Principal                      Ex-officio chairman

Dr N. Hariharan                                                Dean P.G.

Dr Jaget Babu N.R.                                           Dean Academics

Prof R Rajaram                                                  Dean (P & C)

Prof Asha Panicker                                         Coordinator & Member Secretary

Associate Professor Sreekanth K.S.            ECE

Associate Professor Krishna Kumari T.     EEE

Associate Professor Ganga Devi                  BSH

Asst. Prof Asha G                                            MBA

Asst Prof Divya D                                            CS & IT

Asst Prof Sreedeep Krishnan                      AEI

Asst.Prof.Aneesh P.C.                                    CE

Dr Pradeep Kumar C                                     Sr Manager Administration