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IEEE Computer Engineering +Computer Science +Electrical and Electronics Engineering +Telecommunications and related disciplines IEEE- All Society Periodicals ePackage (ASPP) (145 e- Journals) ( 2012)(Backfile Access – since 2000)
Springer Electrical and Electronics and Computer Science Engineering Mechanical Engineering 134 e-Journals) ( 2012 ) (Backfile Access – since 1997) (46 e-Journals)( 2011 )(Back file Access– since 1997)


Engineering + Computer Science (Electrical + Electronics +Mechanical + Civil and Structural + Aerospece +Biomedical + Industrial and Manufacturing +Ocean Engineering +Computational Mechanics and Safety Risk, Reliability and Quality + Computer Network and Communications, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science,Computational Theory and Mathematics,Computer Graphics and Computer – Aided Design, Information Systems, Control and System Engineering and Software SCIENCEDIRECT 275 Journals (Back File Access from 2000 onwards)
EBSCO Management Business Source Elite ejournal Collection (1802 e-Journals and magazines)(2011)

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