Department of Basic Science & Humanities
Department of Basic Science & Humanities

Department Profile

Basic Science and Humanities Department is fundamental to all engineering studies. The science department feeds the budding engineers with finer aspects of science which makes them understand, exploit and innovate new arenas which contribute to the technological advancements of tomorrow. Humanities enable the students to imbibe the best humane and professional values. The department has maintained the best results every semester.



Department of Mathematics

Mathematics is the language of engineering. The department of mathematics aims to develop mathematical thinking and apply it to solve complex engineering problems. The group of highly efficient faculties caters to the needs of teaching engineering mathematics’ subjects like Operational Research, Graph Theory etc.

Department of Physics

A good knowledge of physics is imperative to understand the mechanism of engineering subjects. The department combines faculties par excellence with the best lab set ups to provide the students with excellent and all round exposure in theoretical knowledge and practical training in the subject.

Department of Chemistry

The department of Chemistry comprises of highly efficient and dedicated faculty members who relentlessly caters to the needs of budding engineers. The present course is offered in the first two semesters with provisions for lab experiments.

Department of Humanities

The department has all these years encouraged students of all disciplines and subjects not only in their academic pursuit but also in furthering their career prospects and giving impetus to their creative potentiality. The department offers teaching economics, Principles of Management and Professional Communication.

Lab Facilities

The Department boasts of well equipped physics and chemistry laboratories and a language lab as well.

Language Lab

The importance of communication in high profile business environment cannot be discounted. With a view to enhance the communication skill of the students the college has invested in a language lab platform. The software through its dedicated modules provides practical and efficient use of technology. The software has been designed keeping in mind the proficient and not so proficient language users. It has 35 student consoles and one teacher console. It has become an invaluable technology-cum-language tool supplementing the classroom pedagogy of teaching.

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