Department of Applied Electronics & Instrumentation
Department of Applied Electronics & Instrumentation

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Course Intake Duration
B.Tech in Applied Electronics & Instrumentation 60 4 years

Instrumentation is a pioneer field of engineering in the modern era. In this fast growing age of automation and process industries, instrumentation engineer is an inevitable choice of every industry.It is focused on the principle and operation of measuring instruments that are used in design and configuration of automated systems in electrical, pneumatic domains etc. Unfortunately in India, we are lacking in number of instrumentation engineers. So it is very essential and relevant in implementing a department which moulds young talents in the field of instrumentation. With that view we have started the Department of Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering in the year of 2005.

  • To develop socially responsible engineers with technical competence,  leadership skills and team spirit.
  • To provide supportive academic environment for value added education   and quality research

Progress through quality education , and evolve into a centre for academic excellence in the field of Applied Electronics and Instrumentation

Head of the department


I warmly welcome you to the Department of Applied Electronics & Instrumentation of ASIET. Our college is one of the premier institutions, unique like a prism reflecting the manifold shades of learning and co-curricular activities.  The Instrumentation Engineering is a multidisciplinary branch derived from Mechanical, Electronics, Chemical, Computers and Electrical disciplines; therefore our students have a good scope in all fields....


UG B.Tech(AEI)   2014    -    62.06%
UG B.Tech(AEI)   2013    -    64.5%
UG B.Tech(AEI)   2012    -    71.6%
UG B.Tech(AEI)   2015    -    85.71%
UG B.Tech(AEI)   2016    -    64.4%

Prides of AEI

Anusha R

4th Rank

B.Tech(AEI) - 2013

Sandhaya M. Mallya

4th Rank

B.Tech(AEI) - 2012

Suparna S

1st Rank

B.Tech(AEI) - 2015



B.Tech(AEI) - 2016