Degree Institution/University Year
PhD in Propulsion IIT Madras 2014
Post Graduation in Propulsion Engg.  Kerala University 2010
Degree Cochin University  2004

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1-3-2015 - till date : Associate Professor (ASIET)

14-1-2014 to 28-2-2015: Assistant Professor (ASIET)

13-10-2014 to 30-11-2007 : Lecturer (CUSAT)


3.5 years at IIT Madras

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  all Since 2013
Citations 7 6
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1. Numerical Analysis of Thermal mixing and combustion with Clover nozzle, International Symposium on transport Phenomena, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, July 7 -10, 2009.

2. Numerical Analysis of Supersonic combustion with Clover nozzle, National Comnference on technological trends, Thiruvanathapuram, 2009.

3. Numerical analysis of thermal mixing with clover nozzle, International Conference on Materials, Mechanics and Management, Thiruvanathapuram, 2010.

4. A numerical investigation of sonic jet injection into supersonic cross-flow through a circular injector with chevrons, ASME journal of Fluids Engineering, Vol. 136, issue 2. 2014.

5. Design of Nozzle and its CFD analysis, International Conference on Energy, Environment, materials and safety, CUSAT, 2014.

6. Numerical investigation of injector geometries on jet in cross-flow at high speed, International Conference on Energy, Environment, materials and safety, CUSAT, 2014.


Sl. no: Title of Project Year of begining of project Status
1 Theoretical and numerical analysis of Apollo reentry vehicle 2016 going on
2 Solver development to capture shock tube dynamics using OpenFOAM 2015 completed
3 Theoretical and numerical analysis of SPRINT reentry vehicle 2014 completed. The project was revised in 2016.
4 Design of CD nozzle and its CFD analysis (using OpenFOAM) 2014 completed and presented as a paper. 

Personal research:

  1. Jet in crossflow problem at high-speed using Large Eddy Simulation.
  2. Flow through a combustor with backward facing step using Large Eddy Simulation. 
  3. Development of solvers to solve elemntary problems in Fluid mechanics and heat transfer using OpenFOAM. 


  • Attended 5 short term courses and 2 training programs over last two years.
  • FDP on Research Stimulation 24-26 June,2017 (Co-ordinator)
Professional Body Membership
  • Life Member - Indian Science Congress Association (L28662)
  • Life Member- Indian Society For Heat and Mass Transfer (ISHMT No. 1065)
  • Fellow Member -  Indian Society of Mechanical Engineers (FISME 20150791022)
  • Life Member - Indian Society for Applied Mechanics (LM00103)
  • Life Member -  Combustion Institute (Indian Chapter) - (LMC-1304)
  • Life Member - Astronautical Society of India (LM 3382)
  • Life Member - National Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power Association.
  • Life Member - Indian Society of Systems for Science and Engineering.
  • Individual Member - Solar Energy Society of India (2855).
  • Highest CGPA (10.00) during PhD from IIT Madras.
  • Highest CGPA (9.64) during M.Tech.
  • Had been resource person for a number of short term courses.
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