Department of Basic Science & Humanities
Department of Basic Science & Humanities

Message from HoD’s Desk

         “ The only way to learn Mathematics is to do Mathematics”

                                                                                           Paul Halmos.


   Basic Science is the science at the heart of human knowledge. Pure science creates and establishes information to understand nature, whereas applied science refers to our ability to take this basic knowledge and  apply it  to real- world problems , such as designing of a new model of a car using aerodynamics, applying number theory results to cryptography, etc. It is obvious that without an understanding of how something works, it is rather difficult to fix it when it fails.

       Mathematics is to an engineer what anatomy is to a surgeon. Mathematics is indispensible to engineering. Engineering Mathematics is at the core of all branches of engineering. As engineering evolves and develops, mathematics forms the common foundation for all new disciplines. In our data-rich society we also see how engineering mathematics fulfills a pivotal role. A prime example would be the application of statistical tools to extract important and appropriate information from the large volume of data collected in the forms of text, images, videos and sound.

    The department of Basic science and Humanities comprises of a devoted team of faculty members who will ignite the mathematical skills in students and help transform them as successful engineers.   


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