Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Message from HoD’s Desk

      Education will be perfect if and only if it equips one for struggle of life, bring out strength of character, spirit of philanthropy and courage to face challenges.Modern trend in engineering education is to have a holistic development by way of imparting engineering knowledge, along with avenues to develop skills and philanthropic attitude.Conceiving this, ASIET EEE Department augmented curriculum with added curricular and extracurricular activities to prepare industry ready engineers, encompassing sustainability and compassion.Our eminent faculty team prepares graduates with strong foundation in engineering knowledge; nurtures culture of research and lifelong learning; nourishes social commitment and ethical values.We enable them to handle computer aided modern tools as well to take diverse carrier paths.

Overall a holistic approach , to create value imbibed quality professionals.                                                                     

 A. K. Divakara Menon

                                                    HoD  (EEE)